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Aliis Opera Film & Photography

Kevin is an ambitious and adventurous individual who has already accomplished so much in life. From engineering, business management, and sailing the world, there is really nothing he can’t accomplish. He is truly someone I aspire to be like and I admire his outgoing and inclusive personality.

When Kevin approached me regarding his latest business adventure, Aliis Opera Film & Photography, I was delighted when he asked me to help him establish an online presence. I created the Aliis Opera brand which includes a logo, icon, branding style guide, business cards, and a website.

Client Name

Kevin Hopper


Springfield, Missouri

Design Style

Clean & Modern

Aliis Opera Website

Logo & Branding Design

Aliis Opera is Latin for “Service to Others.” It is the mission of Aliis Opera and the reason why Kevin provides film & photography services. To portray this message, I created multiple designs to help reach Kevin’s vision. Below are a few of the initial designs.


aliis opera branding mockup
Cultivate GRowth Counseling logo design with mockups
Cultivate GRowth Counseling logo design with mockups
aliis opera branding mockup
aliis opera branding mockup
Cultivate GRowth Counseling logo design with mockups

Final Logo Design & Style Guide

After the above initial designs were delivered and we discussed each design’s strengths and weaknesses, I created the final logo design below. Several formats were created for this logo so that it can be used in a variety of mediums as well as an icon design.

A style guide was also provided. This establishes the brand and provides a guide for the client on how to remain on brand and how to use their logo efficiently. The guide includes typeface information, color code information, and more. A stylge guide like this is essential for any company to remain on brand and to be set up for success.

Website Design

Aliis Opera’s website was designed to reflect the brand we established when creating the logo design. This is also where the style guide helped tremendously to create a cohesive brand. The website is versatile across desktop, mobile, and tablet formats.