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Cultivate Growth Counseling

Tiffany is a Licensed Professional Counselor and started her counseling center in 2022. During her move to Denver, Colorado, she decided it was time to set her business up for success so that she can best help her new clientele in Denver. This project is proof that I can provide exceptional design on any budget. Tiffany’s vision for her logo and website was a clean, simplistic, and inviting design.

Helping individuals and small businesses get set up for success is so rewarding, and is one of the many reasons I love being a designer.

Client Name

Tiffany Costello



Denver, Colorado



Design Style

Clean, Simplistic, Inviting


Logo Design

This project began with the logo design. Starting with a logo or branding design is always best before diving into a new website design. This is because the logo establishes the face of the business’ brand and style elements such as typeface and colors will trickle into the website design.

Below are a few different logo designs that we started and the final design we decided on.


Cultivate GRowth Counseling logo design with mockups
Cultivate GRowth Counseling logo design with mockups
Cultivate GRowth Counseling logo design with mockups

Website Design

Cultivate Growth Counseling’s website was designed to reflect the brand established with the logo design. The website is versatile across desktop, mobile, and tablet formats. The website effectively provides information for new and existing clients and includes the following pages: Home, Services, About, Contact, and FAQs.